Hi, hello! I'm Josefina Mancilla, a front end developer from Austin, Texas.

My interest in web development stemmed from my previous career in multimedia journalism, where I started out creating visual content, writing and designing. Through that, I realized I wanted to do more than just create content for the web, I wanted to be able to build those beautiful websites and experiences. So I learned to do just that, and I've loved it every moment ever since. Well, mostly every moment. I think it's safe to say we all have those moments when we just wanna chuck our computer at the wall or smash our head into our keyboard haha.

In my free time, I enjoy making art. I have been drawing since I was a young girl. It's one of my fondest memories with my grandpa, who taught me how to draw. Being an artist is a big part of why I got into multimedia journalism, and it continues to help my creativy when it comes to front end development.

My other passions in life include: my dogs (Gunny and Papas), DIY projects, home renovations, rock climbing, hiking, weightlifting, triathlons, writing, traveling and binging Netflix shows on a Friday night.

I am a proud Latina and first generation American (my mom is from Mexico City and my dad is from Guatemala City). Spanish is my native language and I love being able to speak it with friends, family and especially at work if the opportunity arises. Growing up the daughter of immigrants in America, I am passionate about supporting underrepresented groups and fostering diversity.

Latest work

For the past few years I've been working in open source on IBM's Carbon Design System. These are some of the projects that I've had the opportunity to help develop.


Are you interested in working together? Shoot me an email with the deets. I look forward to hearing from you!